…but someone’s got to do it, as they say.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting my publisher’s new offices on the north bank of the River Thames.  I’d gone to chat with her about the second Erth Dragons book and a few other bits and bobs, but she’d also asked if I could sign some copies of The Wearle.  I said, “Of course. How many?”  Answer: three hundred.

It looks a daunting task when you see the picture of the stack, but I’ve signing the wearle 4signed many more than this at events.  I was once at my publisher’s distribution warehouse signing a huge consignment of Fire Star, when someone casually said, “We’ve got another author coming in this afternoon.”  I said, “Oh, yes.  Who’s that?”  They said, “Billie Piper.”  My pen immediately skewed across the page.  “Billie Piper?” I repeated.  “Yes,” they said. “She’s written an autobiography.  Can you keep signing – neatly, please.”  I said, “Can I meet her?”  They said, “No. Anyway, you’ll be finished by the time she gets here.”  At this point, I still had about 150 books to sign.  I said, “If I slow down and sign really, really neatly, do you think-?”  They said, “No.”  Sigh.

There was no prospect of a famous Dr Who actress turning up to this signing of The Wearle (but thank you Lauren, Cat and Anna if you’re reading this!) but it was still a lot of fun.  If anyone is wondering what happens to all these signed copies, they’re mostly headed for major retailers at Christmas.  If you want one, it might be worth popping into your local store and asking if they’re likely to have any that you can reserve.  I’ve also been told that the print run of the hardback isn’t that big.  So they won’t be around for long.  Get them while you can folks.  Bye for now.  Hrrr!

signing the wearle 2