I’ve been waiting ages to put up a new post in anticipation of the cover of Dark Wyng arriving. The artwork for that is almost done, but still being tweaked. So in the meantime, here’s something slightly different. The UK paperback of The Wearle is published this week, on April 7th.  Yay.  By way of celebration, here’s me reading a short extract from one of the ‘Hom’ sections of the book. (‘Hom’ is dragon name for humans.) There are five sections altogether. Three are told from the dragon point of view, and two from the human. In this reading, the ‘Hom’ boy, Ren, is out hunting with some of the men from his tribe when one of the men decides to challenge a ‘skaler’ (a dragon) with disastrous results…

Note: the extract was recorded on a small camcorder on my writing desk at home. Fans of The Last Dragon Chronicles might be interested in the background behind me. You can see a framed poster of the cover of Fire Star. And sitting on the speaker nearby is a firebird! The cream-coloured telephone doesn’t work, by the way. I just like the retro feel it gives to the room.

Enjoy the extract. Great excuse for me to wear a hat!  Cover of Dark Wyng very soon, I promise. Hrrr!