Dragon fans. Make a note in your diaries. October 6th. UK publication day for DARK WYNG. Yes, it’s here. The gripping sequel to The Wearle. All the surviving characters from The Wearle are in it, including the mysterious ‘Ty’, who only appeared in the final pages of the first book, but has a big part to play in this one. DARK WYNG, as its title suggests, is spookier than The Wearle and delves deep into the murky history of dragons. It begins with a short, deceptively sweet prologue in which Gabrial’s father, Garon, tells a very young Gabrial the legend of ‘the dark dragon’. At the end, when Gabrial asks if the story is true, Garon dismisses it in the same way we might laugh aside a fairy story. But all stories have a basis in truth, and as Ty begins to exert his devious influence among the people of the Kaal tribe, little does Gabrial know how his father’s story is going to come back to haunt him…

In other news, The Wearle is set for release in North America on December 27th – though I’m sure you’ll be able to get it for Christmas. An audio book will also be available. Can’t wait for that. A couple of days ago I was contacted by the producer asking for my thoughts about who might narrate the story. I immediately thought about a few of the cast of Game of Thrones. In my mind, the men of the Kaal sound like the character ‘Jon Snow’ from Winterfell. This is not so much an homage to Game of Thrones, more a nod to the fact that I spent all of my teens in the north of England – and we speak like Jon Snow, Ned Stark etc. Then there are the dragon voices, of course. Quite a challenge for any narrator. Well, I’ve heard a few excellent samples already and I can tell you that The Wearle is going to be a story worth listening to. I’ll say more about this as news comes in. For now, enjoy DARK WYNG. Oh, and keep it to a whisper for now, but work on the third book gets under way this weekend. Hrrr!