Happy New Year, dragon fans.  This is a particularly exciting opening to 2017 for me because THE WEARLE was finally published in North America just four days ago.  So at last it’s readily available to all my American and Canadian readers.  I hope you enjoy it.  Someone asked me earlier today on Twitter when DARK WYNG would be available on your shores.  Sadly, that will probably be another year.  That’s the sort of gap publishers usually leave between books in a series.  But if the reaction to The Wearle was very positive (and by that I mean it was selling well), then the likelihood is that the publication of Dark Wyng would be brought forward – maybe in the fall.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I’m busy writing Erth Dragons #3, which has the working title THE NEW AGE.  That’s the first time I’ve ever revealed that title to anyone other than my editor.  So do feel free to feel honoured!  It might change.  Sometimes I start out with a very definite title and virtually build the book around it (‘Icefire’ was a good example).  But the lack of a title is no real detriment.  A book will usually tell you what it wants to be called somewhere during the writing process.  More often than not a phrase pops up that seems to summarise the whole narrative.  That’s a very satisfying moment when it happens.  Perhaps the most significant instance of this was ‘The Fire Within’, and we all know how popular that turned out to be.  Mind you, I had to fight for that title!  I’m glad I won.

So what’s THE NEW AGE about?  Well, in short, it’s exactly what the other two have been about: the dragons’ struggle to settle on Erth.  All those pesky humans getting in the way of colonisation.  Tsk!  Not to mention the internal divisions between the dragons themselves.  At this stage, I’m about…25,000 words in.  Not quite half way.  But it’s going well and for me it’s reading better than Dark Wyng at the moment.  Can’t tell you any more than that, sorry.  As soon as we have some cover artwork, you’ll see it.  Until then, come on America, get stuck into The Wearle.  It’s the most dragony thing I’ve EVER written and a BIG favourite with me and Jay.  Happy reading.  Hrrr!