reading Dark Wyng

Hey, dragons fans. It’s publication day for the UK paperback of DARK WYNG. So say a big hrrr! for Gabrial and his Wearle. He’s back again, facing more ongoing trouble from goyles and the dragon hierarchy etc. People who’ve read the book tell me there’s more action in this one than the first. That’s kind of interesting, because I had a really hard time writing Dark Wyng. I was afraid it was going to be just about the worst thing I’d ever committed to print. But Jay (wife) had a lot of faith in it and drove the book forward when I was in despair, and Sarah (editor) was right behind it too. And although it hasn’t had a lot of reviews or feedback yet, they’ve all been pretty positive. People seem to like it. So I must have done something right!

Quick update on Erth Dragons #3. We’re still developing the story at the moment, but I’m very close to a first draft now. It will go to Sarah at the end of April, and if she’s happy and we get the edits done on time it will go straight into paperback in October (UK). Note: no hardback for this one. Not enough of you are buying them. Come on, guys! Having said that, I didn’t really take to the hb edition of Dark Wyng; the pb looks and feels much classier, strangely.

I’ve also seen a draft cover for ED #3. It looks pretty good. Not as dramatic as The Wearle, but more appealing than Dark Wyng imho.

Anyway, if you’ve been waiting months for an affordable copy of Erth Dragons #2, here it is. Enjoy. And do let me know what you think. Hrrr!

Dark Wyng final cover