THE WEARLE is a story about a group of sixty dragons that come to a planet called Erth in search of an earlier group of dragons that has apparently disappeared. They take control of a range of coastal mountains, driving out the indigenous humans – the Hom – who live there. This naturally causes a great deal of tension between the two species, which is brought sharply into focus when a young Hom boy called Ren crosses back into dragon territory and wreaks havoc.

The story is told in five interlinking sections, three of which are from the dragons’ point of view. The dragons are anthropomorphic, and very much the dominant characters. I wrote the book this way because so many children have sent me stories down the years in which their dragons speak.  I thought it would be good fun to explore dragon culture through jewelled eyes.

Anyone who has read The Last Dragon Chronicles will know that the clay dragons in those books also speak.  But there the similarity between the two series ends.  The dragons in The Wearle are very real, very noble, and very, very powerful.  Trust me, you would not want to mess with any of them.

By the time The Wearle is published I should have completed a second book.  If everything goes to plan, there will be a third.



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