Character List


GABRIAL: a young, good-natured dragon, just nine Ki:meran turns old, and referred to as a ‘blue’ because of his overall colour pattern. The biggest obstacle to Gabrial’s development is his overabundant impulsiveness, which often frustrates his mentors and superiors.

GALARHADE: the Prime dragon, and a glorious red colour. He is two hundred and thirty-nine Ki:meran turns old when he takes command of the second Wearle to visit Erth.

GALLEN: commander of the feared wyng of fighting dragons called the Veng. Like all Veng, his colouring is an uninspiring, but unmistakeable bright green.

GARIFFRED: a blue wearling, born of Grystina. His choice of name is controversial, because it means ‘flame of truth’, implying he is closer to Godith than other dragons.

GARON: Gabrial’s father.

GARRET: a talented mapper, thought to be the best in the Wearle.

GAYL: Grystina’s female wearling and Gariffred’s sibling.

GAZZ: a belligerent Veng.

GIVNAY: a greyish-coloured Elder, the spiritual leader of the Wearle. Rejecting the normal dragon life for one of meditative isolation, he is a powerful telepath and an expert in the art of i:maging.

GOODLE: the only other mature blue (besides Gabrial) in the colony.

(Per) GORST: A mentor who teaches lessons in aerial combat among other things.

GOSSANA: an ageing and fearsome queen with an over-inflated opinion of her rank. She has been sent to Erth to oversee Grystina’s laying cycle. Dark green, with eyes that can change colour according to her moods.

GRAYMERE: a handsome purple dragon of the highly-intelligent De:allus class. He is a free-thinking scientist, interested in the natural geology of Erth.

GREFFAN: leader of the first Wearle to visit Erth.

GRENDEL: a young, beautiful female with touches of gold in her purple colouring. She is brought to Erth to assist Grystina during her laying cycle and beyond.

(Per) GROGAN: an aged cousin of Per Gorst and a long-standing friend of Gabrial’s father. He mentors Gabrial as well as carrying out mapping duties.

GRUDER: a good-natured green roamer.

GRYMRIC: herbalist, potion-maker and a studious practitioner of the healing arts. His role is to gather up Erth’s flora and fauna and assess the benefits of what he finds.

GRYNT: a tough, no-nonsense Elder with a streak of armoured silver on his throat and breast, which stand out against his overall light-purple colours. Grynt is responsible for the security of the Wearle and is the supreme commander of the Veng.

GRYSTINA: a mature female descended from the Astrian line, who claim to be able to trace their lineage closer to Godith than any other family of dragons. She has been sent to Erth to maintain the Wearle’s breeding program.

G’VARD: that rare thing, a white dragon. Huge, powerful and noble – a dragon that others respect and rally to.


REN WHITEHAIR: a young lad of twelve winters who takes his name from his father, Ned, because both have hair lighter than the colour of corn. Ren is obsessed with skalers (dragons), a passion that frequently leads him into trouble.

NED WHITEHAIR: Ren’s father. A brave but slightly reckless man. Like most of the tribe, Ned is filled with resentment about the skalers that have taken the Kaal’s mountain territories.

MELL: Ren’s mother. A gentle, free-spirited soul who can melt Ned’s heart with her ‘floating smile’.

OAK LONGARM: younger brother of Utal Longarm. A good bowman and skilful hunter. A man as sensible as his brother is foolish.

OLEG WIDEFOOT: So named because his feet, when together, do not point straight.

PINE ONETOOTH: a girl who has just one strong tooth in the middle of her mouth. Something of an enigma, Pine ‘wafts around the settlement like a leaf on the breeze’.

TARGEN THE OLD: the aged leader of the Kaal, who rely on his wisdom to keep them on a spiritual path.

THE DREYAS: Women who look after the needs of Targen, especially during his ‘journeys’ to and from the Fathers.

THE FATHERS: The spirits of the (Kaal) dead.

UTAL LONGARM: the best hunter in the tribe, but an arrogant braggart.

VARL REDNOSE: a gruff, pitiless character who would do anything to serve his own ends.

WAYLEN TREADER: A farmer, and friend of Ned Whitehair and Oak Longarm.


GODITH: a female deity who, according to dragon legend, created the world from a single breath of flame and afterwards made dragons in Her i:mage.

GOYLES (or DARKEYES): dark, grotesque creatures with a remorseless taste for killing.

THE TREEMEN: a tribe who inhabit the Whispering Forest.

TYWYLL: a fabled black dragon allegedly lacking a third (spiritual) heart. Supposedly a fallen wearling of Godith.

WIND: Ned Whitehair’s horse.