In the beginning was the sleeping dragon, Godith. And all around Her was a void that moved with Her gentle breathing.

For no reason known, at no time that could be measured, She opened her eyes and poured light into the void. And liking this, She chose to make an i:mage. A limitless universe in which She might live as many lives as She desired, within the bodies of countless dragons. She opened Her mouth and brought forth a great flame. Into this flame She spoke a word, KI:MERA, meaning ‘place of fire and light’.

And when this was done, Godith looked upon Her i:mage and blinked Her eye. And from every sparkle that fell from that jewel came a creature or a mountain or an ocean or a forest. And many of those creatures were also dragons, made in the i:mage of Godith Herself. To each She gave a blessed gift, which was the right to speak the beginning of Her name whenever they spoke the beginning of theirs.

And so came Gawain, Ganzfeld, G’reth. And such was the power of Her jewelled light that other worlds formed beyond Ki:mera, some with creatures, some without. But nowhere else did dragons roam, until, as their wisdom and numbers grew, they were able to understand that She was in the stars that blinked in the darkness around Ki:mera and that the stars were therefore as close to them as She was.

Knowing this, they i:maged openings in the void and reached into the darkness to explore every fragment of Her creation. Through their ‘fire stars’ they travelled, to colonise worlds beyond Ki:mera and awaken the glory of Godith across the universe. A journey that in due course brought them to a planet of plentiful water and diverse life forms.

When Greffan, Prime dragon of the visiting Wearle, commingled with the wisest forms on the planet, using his mind to look into theirs, he discovered that the creatures used the sound ‘Erth’ to describe their home. In the language of dragons this meant little more than ‘dirt’. Yet even the dirt here was tingling with life. Greffan communicated back to Ki:mera, describing ‘Erth’ as an unspoiled breeding ground for dragons. It was the last Ki:mera ever heard of him or of the twenty-three others in his Wearle.

This is the story of what happened to those dragons – and the dragons that came in search of them…


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